Peak Tent | 15′ x 20′

Our 15′ x 20′ Tents’ size and elegant look make them ideal for outdoor events such as vendor booths at fairs, craft shows, flea markets, trade shows, and similar events. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these High Peak Frame tents are popular because they have fewer fittings and parts than traditional a pole or frame tent. High Peak Frame tents have no center poles or obstructions that touch the ground in the center of the tent, instead, they use cross cables and a frame tension design to optimize room for accommodating guests or equipment.

Seating Capacity:
Up to 22 Guests for Sit-down dinner
Up to 26 Guests for Buffet-style dinner
Up to 32 Guests for Cathedral (row) seating
Up to 40 guests for Cocktail party


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